I was reading the book titled “Rules for my Daughter” by Walker Lamond and came across this quote:

“Keep promises. Especially the ones to yourself.”

And then it struck me – that one of the best expressions of self-love is to keep the promises you have made to yourself! It could be something simple, like promising to drink more water, exercise more regularly, it could be something more elaborate, like planning for a holiday you promised to go for a long time ago, etc.

So I thought, let me start simple – I’ll make three promises to myself this year, and I’ll try to keep them. Here they are:

1. I promise to live healthily. 💪🏼

– drink water regularly (2.7 litres a day; 11 cups x 250ml)

– exercise regularly (at least once every two days)

– eat healthily (on most days, fast food once every 2 weeks)

2. I promise to love myself. ❤️

– acknowledge and prioritise my needs (for love, belonging, food, shelter, rest)

– love my body, no matter which stage of life I’m in.

– do things that are good for me in the long run / future (before deciding on something, ask yourself: “will this be good for me in future? In the next year, or 2-3 years ahead?”)

– love and accept myself as I am (no more “if only I were xx and yy”, why can’t I be more like zz”)

3. I promise to be happy. 😊

– forgive myself for the mistakes / foolish decisions I’ve made.

– use life-giving words (eg “I will keep trying”, “I can do better”, “I will not give up” etc) and not life-sucking words (eg “I’m dying”, “I hate myself”, “I’m disappointed in myself” etc).

– Do more of the things that bring me life.

I’ll try this out this year, and let’s see what happens!:)


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