Saw this picture on Instagram recently and it struck a chord within me. The quote reminded me of the mistakes I made in my twenties, and the (rather foolish) priorities I had then while trying to chase those idealistic notions of making a difference to the world, to the kingdom, to my community, blah blah blah. It reminded me of how I spent most of my time, energy and finances in church, and not anything for my family, under the foolish impression that only service in church was considered ministry and service to God. On hindsight, those times were probably a form of escapism from the messiness of home life, but now I realise the only way to bring reconciliation and harmony is to be with my family and spend time with them, not hide from them.

Learning to make wiser decisions and priorities this year. Family is important, remember that. When everyone else deserts you, your family will be the only ones left standing by your side.


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