A Series of Overdue Posts 2

So here I am, as promised, today I will share about some of the things I’m grateful for last year (as I’ve noted down). I attempted to make a list of 27 things (given I’m 27 this year), but failing which, I thought I’d just write down whatever I have in my diary:

What I’m Grateful for in Y2013:

  1. My parents. I think we youngsters often have a tendency to take our parents for granted, and are also prone to picking out on their flaws and less-than-perfect nature. But I’d just like to start the list by acknowledging my parents, and how they’ve been here for me all this while. Sure, they aren’t perfect, they argue often, they pick on my little quirks and flaws, but they’re always here for me no matter what. Because at the end of the day, all they want for me is the best I can have, and all I want is to make them proud of me. So thank you, mum and dad. Love you guys  🙂
  2. My family. This refers to my brothers, and to my extended family, especially my niece, Jennifer. I’m thankful I have two brothers to take care of me, challenge me, and teach me things. Even though they aren’t here in Singapore, they’re doing very well in their respective areas overseas, and I’m happy for them 🙂 I’m also grateful I got the chance to travel with my niece Jennifer for a short trip to HK this year – it was good and I learnt a lot about myself. Keeping all these wonderful people in prayer 🙂
  3. My cell group. My cell group members are younger than me and over the past years I’ve found it difficult to share any of my problems with them. But since I started opening up to them this year, I really got to experience how much they love and care for me in their own little ways. Thanks for the prayers and words of encouragement this year, your support has been invaluable and so, so significant to me. Thanks for every little gift / card you’ve given me, because I treasure every single one of them 🙂
  4. My friends. This goes out especially to my dear friends, Meiling and Rachel. Though you are younger in age than me, you both are so much wiser beyond your age. Thanks for being such real friends, for being so frank and open about your own lives, your struggles, your challenges, your achievements, etc, and thanks for being there to pray over me and take care of me despite your individual challenges. I am eternally thankful I found friends like you, and I pray for many more years of friendship ahead!
  5. My colleagues and my job. This point resonates with me more this year, now that I’ve officially left work. I think 4 years with a bunch of people I can get along with, in a job that I love (relatively much), is no coincidence and it’s truly God’s grace that I had the opportunity to be there for that period of time. Now that I’ve stopped working, I also realise how nice it is that I get paid for my time (now that my time is not worth any money, so to speak). It’s not everyday we can do something we love and get paid for it, with people we get along with. So I really treasure that journey I spent in MOE.
  6. God. What can I say? The most important for the last – and God is the source of all things I’m grateful for. There’s a passage in Psalms written by a man who has faced immense discouragement in life, and is on the verge of giving up on God. But after much reflection and self-debate, this is what he says to himself: “Where can I go from your Spirit? Or where can I flee from your presence? If I ascend into heaven, You are there; If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there” (Ps 139:7-8). And this is how I felt God was like to me last year. He was there, every single time without fail. In the depths of my despair and hopelessness, at the peak of my joy and victories. And even during those times I don’t feel Him, I know He is there. Thank You, Lord, for being here for me all this while.

As you can see, all in all I’m really grateful for the people in my life, and the relationships that have endured till this day. I’m not an easy person to befriend, I’m prone to mood swings, I can be rather boring, I’m not a very winsome person (though I’m trying to be), so I’m thankful for all those who have been with me, put up with me, and actually even enjoy my company. Thanks for being such awesome friends and loved ones, people  🙂

And I guess this ends my reflections for Y2013!


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